Business plan forma

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Again, like a book, this page is especially useful for mentors or potential investors to find exactly the information they want to know. Professional investors usually have a section on which they rely most heavily. One with a financial background will want to read the assumptions and profit-and-loss statements first. A marketing expert will turn to market analysis first.

The Business
Give a detailed description of the business and its goals including:

  • ownership and legal structure.
  • necessary tasks and who (including outside advisors or contract labor) will do each,
  • skills and experience top officers or partners bring to the business. (Their resumes should be included in Supporting Documents.)
  • advantages over your competitors.
  • why the company will be successful and how it will protect against such dangers as theft of intellectual property.
  • business location and hours of operation.
  • distribution methods of products or services.

Describe the products or services this business will offer. Identify the customer demand for these products or services. Detail the size and location of the most likely customers and any secondary markets. Explain how the company will attract and increase market share. Describe advertising and marketing. Clarify pricing strategy.

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